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Holistic Health Coaching

Consciousness is the ground of all being, the ground of both matter & mind. Matter & Mind are both possibilities of consciousness. When consciousness converts these possibilities in a collapsed event of actual experience, some of the possibilities are collapsed as physical and some mental.

-Dr. Amit Goswami, PhD

Board Certified Quantum Holistic Health Coaching

The involution of consciousness is the creation of limits so that manifestation is possible. Each health coaching session with Hollie will be tailored to the clients needs. iTOVi Scan....Meditation and coping skills, Breathing techniques and exercises with our Muse 2 Headband, chakra balancing, Reiki, crystal work, BioField cleansing with meditation and manifesting. A co-healing experience for both healer and healee. COMING SOON The " Be Well" device. A computer machine that reads your BioField and shows us exactly where your blockages are within your BioField and Chakra systems.

Rates begin at $50-100 per hour. 

Contact Hollie directly 740-407-2814

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